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  • Suggestions for Parent/Teacher Conferences

    Posted by John Vosburgh on 11/7/2018

    With Parent/Teacher conferences coming up, I want to provide some guidance for families to best prepare for this opportunity to engage with your student's teachers.  For me, the third bullet is one that I am always surprised about when speaking with my kids' teachers.  Are we talking about the same kid? is my typical response. 

    - Arrive on time. This sends the message that the parents care.

    - Bring a written list of questions. “A lot of parents get nervous because the teachers are the professionals and they get back into their car and think ‘Why didn’t I ask that?’”

    - Realize that your child may act differently in school than at home; be open to the teacher’s descriptions of your child’s behavior in school.

    - Don’t be defensive. It’s all about helping your child do better in school.

    - Ask the teacher for examples of your child’s work to back up the points the teacher is making.

    - Discuss specific strengths of your child as a learner; build on your child’s strengths.

    - Ask the teacher for specific ways you can help at home.

    - Set 2-4 specific goals for your child in the next grading period.

    - Share what the teacher reports with your child. Better yet, have your child be part of the conference.

    - Remember that, as a parent, you are the most important person in your child’s life. Give your child a hug and reassurance after the conference. The bottom line it's a team approach to success.


    In addition, I encourage everyone to remain in contact with your student's school and teachers.  Ongoing communication is very key to student success.

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  • Upcoming Workshop

    Posted by Kondel Geoff on 10/24/2018

    Upcoming Workshop

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  • Yet another successful graduate reflects on high school

    Posted by John Vosburgh on 10/16/2018

    This quote arrived from another graduate of Hoosac Valley High School and the Adams-Cheshire School District. It is great to see our students challenging themselves and being successful with the foundation they received from our schools and our teachers!


    "My college classes have honestly been amazing this semester! The AP courses that I took at Hoosac prepared me in several ways that I wasn't expecting. I was taught time management skills and how to think critically through difficult problems. My AP science courses also taught me advanced lab techniques, test preparation skills, and the importance of working hard. 

    Having these advantages have made my first semester of college easier (academically) than I was initially anticipating, and getting that first test grade back and seeing an A is the most amazing feeling! "
    Allison Racela 
    Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major 
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  • Congratulations to All ACRSD Students and Teachers

    Posted by John Vosburgh on 10/5/2018

    As you may or may not have heard, the accountability levels for all Massachusetts schools and districts were released last week.  You can access this information at the Department of Education website under School and District Profiles.  I am happy to report that all three schools in the Adams-Cheshire Regional School District were scored as either "Meeting Targets" or "Partially Meeting Targets".  All three schools were also designated as making improvements.  This is great news!  All of our students and teachers deserve a pat on the back for making significant gains.  We still have work to do, but we are clearly moving in the right direction!  

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  • MCAS Sample Questions

    Posted by John Vosburgh on 9/24/2018

    Very soon you will be learning about how students in Adams-Cheshire faired on the MCAS exams administered in the spring.  As a parent myself I am often impressed by the level of learning that goes on in my kids' brains.  The link below will take you to a page that will provide you with questions your student answered on the MCAS exam.  I think you may be impressed at the level of difficulty.  Take a look and give your student a pat on the back!

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