District Newsletter September 2018

Posted by Laurie Gavazzi on 9/10/2018



September 10, 2018


Greetings students and families,

I hope you all are transitioning well into the new school year.  The first days have gone very smoothly at all three schools as there seemed to be a great deal of excitment and enthusiasm in the air.

We appreciate your patience and communication with transportation.  As is the case in any district, the bus stops, routes, and times are always a little clunky in the first few days of school.  Fortunately each day showed improvement.  We will continue to monitor our bussing needs, troubleshooting problems as they arise.  

Over the summer we transitioned into a new district website.  While the new website is still under construction and information still being added, the information provided there is relevant and accurate to your current needs.  We will continue to update this site at every level and in every school as the year goes on.

Our teachers have been very busy this summer attending many professional development workshops to further enhance their skills and instructional strategies preparing themselves for your students.  In addition, our custodians have spent countless hours cleaning and shining up the schools for our students to arrive.  We are looking forward to a great school year!


Dr. John Vosburgh