Alternative Learning Days

Posted by John Vosburgh on 12/26/2018

The Adams-Cheshire Regional School District will be piloting the use of Alternative Learning Days in the 2018-19 school year in lieu of making up snow days in June.  The intent is to capitalize on the optimal learning time in the winter/spring, prior to high stakes testing, when students are more engaged in meaningful school work.  The link below will provide you with more information as well as frequently asked questions from other districts in Massachusetts who are currently implenting this concept.  I would like to thank the school districts at Gateway, Westfield, and Ralph Mahar Regional for their advice and support with our pilot.  

Alternative Learning Days Link  


This pilot will be implenteted pending a Memorandum of Agreement with the Adams-Cheshire Teachers Association.  No Alternative Learning Day will be called without notification to students and families well in advance of calling the day.